Oulu – Bujinkan Dōjō Tampere Oulu shibu

Welcome to practice Bujinkan budō taijutsu in Oulu!

New basic course starts 12th of February. Welcome!

Bujinkan Dōjō Oulu is a training group of  martial art Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu.  We practice twice a week, with additional morning practices at times. A couple of times a year we arrange a weekend seminar with a visiting teacher.  Classes are held at Kamppailusali martial art gym in Äimärautio (Äimäkuja 6). Especially in summertime we practice also outdoors. We are a satelite dōjō of Bujinkan Dōjō Tampere located in Tampere, Finland.

Besides beginners courses, we accept new people throughout the year. If you are interested, please contact by email bujinkanoulu@gmail.com or phone +35840 7423223.

Regardless of your previous experience with martial arts or sports, welcome!

Class schedule

Notice! Wednesdays classes only with case-by-case pre-arrangement.

Day Time group Place
Sunday 18:00-19:30 Everyone Äimäkuja 6
Wednesday morning Advanced Äimäkuja 6
Thursday 19:30-21:00 Everyone Äimäkuja 6


Joel Nyberg shidōshi-ho (+358 40 7423223)

Sami Vänttinen (+358 44 5766523)

Other contact information:

The corresponding shidōshi (teacher) of Bujinkan Dōjō Tampere is Janne Paavilainen (+358 400 473 650).