Welcome to practice Bujinkan budō taijutsu in Oulu!

Bujinkan Dōjō Oulu is a small training group of  martial art Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu.  We pratice twice every week, with occasional two more weekly training times. Couple of times a year we arrange a weekend seminar with visiting teacher.  We train at Kamppailusali martial art gym in Limingantulli (Alasintie 3-7 A 12). Especially in summertime we train also outdoors. We are a satelite dōjō of Bujinkan Reihan Dōjō located in Tampere, Finland.

Besides our beginners courses, we accept new people throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us, please contact by email bujinkanoulu@gmail.com or phone +35840 7423223.
Regardless of your previous experience with martial arts or sports, welcome!

Our training schedule

Notice! Sundays and Wednesdays training only with  case-by-case arrangement.

Day Time group Place
Monday 20:00-21:30 Everyone Kamppailusali
Wednesday Advanced Kamppailusali
Thursday 19:30-21:00 Everyone Kamppailusali
Sunday Advanced Kamppailusali


Joel Nyberg shidōshi-ho (+358 40 7423223)

Sami Vänttinen

Other contact information:

The corresponding shidōshi (teacher) of Bujinkan Reihan Dōjō is Janne Paavilainen (+358400 473 650).