Matthew-sensein seminaari on alle kahden viikon päästä. Hän lähetti terveisiä mitä on luvassa.

“Hi all,

I’ve met some of you before in Japan, but for everyone else, I’m Matthew Harvey, I’ve lived in Japan for the last two years where I train several times a week. My focus is in the kihon and ryūha, so I’ll be trying to convey as best I can some of the information I’ve been lucky enough to receive here.

The topic will be the shoden of Mizuta-den Takagi Yoshin Ryū, with an emphasis of the underlying kihon. We can think of the kata as being the context in which we bridge the kihon into further applications, using them to model the strategies and features of a given school, and of course application.

Takagi Yoshin Ryū is a fantastic school, featuring everything from striking to grappling to weapons and groundwork, and it’s core can be found in the initial techniques.

In particular we’ll be looking the power generation and structure of tsuki, shuto, uke, as well as sabaki, kamae, rhythm, structure, and general context of the history and culture.

We’ll be working with some notes that will be provided, a retranslation I’ve done of the Shoden section (omote, ura and eri jime gata) of Soke’s Unarmed Fighting Book.

Obviously this is a but a pale reflection of what you can receive here in Japan, training earnestly with a good teacher but my hope is that I can at least acquit myself and provide you with some insights and homework you will find useful.

Hope you can make it, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment here or PM.

All the best,